security based decision making cover


Approach to Balanced Decision Making

The organization makes a range of strategic and tactical decisions every day. 

"We need to hire a few more employees so we can get the job done faster"
"We need a bigger facility so we can produce more"
"We need to transform to meet the changing demand of our customers"

The guiding principles in this workbook take you through fifteen corporate scenarios, and encourage you to shift your thinking so that security and efficiency are together at the top of the priority list.  

With these guiding principles, how will you change your approach?


Shift your Priorities.

Ops primary focus has always been efficiency.  How can we do more with less? How can we do more for less?  Today's operations leaders need to consider a new challenge: security.  These guiding principles will help you shape strategic decisions and instead ask: How can we securely do more with less? How can we securely to more for less?