Want to Shift to a Cyber Aware Culture? Start Here. 


Shape Your Culture

Great culture is established by design; with motivated Leaders who make continuous efforts to reinforce actions that shape workforce habits.  A strong culture is one that has an expressed beacon, a guiding light of how to think, act, and react regardless of circumstance. Organizations without this beacon can experience positive and negative culture shifts in waves that are unpredictable and detrimental to the business.

Employees need a framework to understand what policies are, how to detect and report concerns, and how to confidently react when a breach occurs. They want to “do the right thing”, they just need to be taught! If security is not a top priority in the organization’s culture, staff are likely to circumvent security policies and safeguards in support of productivity. Shifting the mindset across an entire workforce can feel like a seismic undertaking. How do you establish what you want your cyber aware culture to be? How do you roll it out? How do you keep all staff on the right path once the “newness” wears off? 

Start Where You Are.  What's your vision?  What are your values?  How can you align your current culture with the aspects you desire?

Educate, Communicate, Perpetuate. What does your workforce need to know? How should this information be communicated? How can you create continuous feedback? How can you practice what you preach? 

Leaders, Set the Shift in Motion.  How does leadership exude risk management as a top priority? How do you build your championship team? How does the organization plan, execute, and measure training?

Lessons Learned from Others' Mistakes.  Seven real-world, documented, preventable, corporate mistakes with devastating effects.  Don't leave yourself saying "if only we knew about this sooner."  

Kick Off the Shift and Make it Stick.  Prioritize the initiatives, make them interactive and rewarding, show the value, and provide a return on investment.

Framework for a Successful Program.  A proven outline for a successful culture shift including; motivated leadership, the right technology partner, shame-free incident reporting, and a lucrative rewards program.

In this Exclusive Guide, we outline the six phases to complete this culture shift inside your organization.  This eBook poses 29 questions that, once answered, will stand up as the framework for shifting your corporate culture to a Cyber Aware Culture.

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