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Together with Cisco, we discuss all phases of the Digital Journey; from defining the leader, to planning and financing, through to the successful execution and optimization. 

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Next Dimension compiled a list of the top questions business leaders have been asking about the Digital Journey. Together, with Cisco, we touched on all phases of the transformation; from defining the leader, to planning and financing, through to the successful execution and optimization.  Next Dimension interviewed Digital Transformation Expert Kevin Yarnell from Cisco.  Kevin Yarnell looks after hospitality, travel, and tourism clientele alongside the team that also oversees healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics on the Digital Transformation side at Cisco. 

Here are 12 Questions we asked Kevin:

1. As an Expert, what does Digital Transformation mean to you?

2. Digital transformations can be complex.  How can we simplify the process? 

3. What stage in the transformation would you find most businesses today?

4. What is a culture shift and how do you execute one?

5. How do you avoid falling back into "old" habits instead of transforming forward?

6. What are some of the biggest roadblock that midsize businesses face along the journey?

7. What do you do with the strategy you started pre-pandemic?

8. What are some of the best ways to budget for, and finance the Digital Transformation?

9. What are the first signs that the Digital Transformation plan needs to be adjusted?

10. Which departments inside the business typically handle transformations the best? Which pose the biggest challenge to an organization's goals?

11. How can businesses continue to optimize? What should their shifted priorities be?

12. How do you measure if your Digital Transformation was successful?

Kevin's Quick Tips for a Successful Transformation:

- Figure out how to automate one small piece, and then determine what's next, and what's after next.  Look at change as a series of small and manageable projects.

- It's just as important to write out 'how you want to get there' as it is to be explicit about where you want to go as an organization. 

- Each department must buy-in to the same common goals, and commit to working towards them.  This is NOT a top-down approach.

- Continue to ask the question "Hey, if we did this, how would that impact you?"

- Look at investment opportunities.  Avoid the mindset of "we don't have the budget for that".

- Create a clear roadmap.  Put a framework in place that the entire organization can participate in to achieve transformation.

- Are we hitting our metrics? Check often.  It's important to FAIL FAST.

- Don't just get employees involved.  Get them excited! How eager are they to share this transformation story?

Download the eBook for the entire transcript of the interview.  Cisco and Next Dimension have executed countless transformations across many industries.  Use this valuable advice to create your transformation plan.


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