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Digital Transformation Will Happen.

Is the Organization Ready?

When understanding the organization's readiness for a Digital Transformation, there are six overarching identifiers.  Understanding the appetite and abilities for change in each business driver will help you prioritize which areas of the business to tend to first.  Fill out the form below for instant access to the Organizational Readiness Worksheet.  This interactive worksheet asks just the right probing questions about:

  • Business Drivers
  • Resourcing
  • Current State
  • Qualitative Impacts
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Planning Strategies

18 Critical Questions (Plus Two Charts!) to Complete.

It's All About Change.


Organizational Readiness is really all about the business' willingness to change, and tolerance for disruption for the sake of long term organizational gains.  For the business to embrace change, each leader, each department, and each employee must be willing to assess current processes, and challenge each aspect of "the way we do things around here". 


Change of any kind will likely bring disruption along with it.  Are your employees equipped to cope with disruption? Can the organization tolerate inconsistencies without damaging customer relationships? Even if the transition looks smooth on paper, are employees on board with these changes? Will they help to minimize disruption or are they resistant to new processes and technologies?  We discuss how to identify and solve for these elements in the Organizational Readiness Worksheet.


You've created your plan, you've reviewed and considered every challenge that may come your way.  How do you kickstart making great change? What if things don't go according to plan? What if you have to pivot for people or processes along the way? Use this worksheet to help you create your plan, and sidestep pitfalls as you get started on your digital transformation.